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Precision Mechanical Equipment

Our lineup of precision equipment, which pursues high precision, covers a wide range of applications from machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, injection molding machines, FA systems to general industrial equipment.

  • Spindle Units

    Spindle Units
    • ● High-speed and High-output Motors
    • ● High-Ability Bearing
    • ● High-Efficiency Machining
    • ● Suitable for machining aircraft parts

    Accurate positioning and rotation support ultra-fine machining.

  • Ball Screw and Linear Motion Unit

    XY Table

    XY Table

    Linear Actuator

    Linear Actuator


    Compact type


    Highly sealed type

    In the case of the "Compact type (R series)" of ball screws with a shaft diameter of 45 mm and lead 20, the nut length is reduced by approximately 25% and the nut outer diameter is reduced by approximately 20% compared to the tube circulation system. The "Highly sealed type" prevents fine foreign particles from getting into the nut and prevents the lubricant inside the nut inside the nut from flowing out, and improve maintenance interval the maintenance interval.

    Our linear motion unit provides XY tables, actuators and other products based on our advanced positioning technology to meet a wide range of needs from the mechatronics industry to semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment.

  • Indexing Chucks


    Continuous machining by indexing complex parts during rotation with one chuck. Various types of machining can be done by changing the jaws. Lineup of indexing chucks that suitable for the size and shape of the workpiece. Please see the catalog for more details.

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