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Shining into the future as a global company through manufacturing that impresses the world... Kenji Kudo, President of JTEKT MACHINE SYSTEMS CORPORATION

To create "Impression"that exceeds our customer's expectations.

Koyo is the leading company of Machine Tools, boasting the top share of the Japanese market for Centerless Grinders and Surface Grinders.
In addition, we are proud of the high quality and market share in the manufacturing of Intermediate Shafts, which are important safety component in the automobile.
In order to continue to be the world's leading manufacturer, I believe that we all have to Think and Act to create "Impression" that exceeds our customer's expectations.

50 or 100 years ahead, keeping up with changes in the world.

Technological innovation progresses around the world, changes in the world are speeding up day by day.
Under such circumstances, in order for KOYO to look ahead 50 or 100 years to grow further, we will quickly catch the necessary information, make decisions quickly,
and build a system that allows each person to actively work on it.
We will continue to think from the customer's point of view and make efforts as a company that can contribute to good lives for people all over the world
through No. 1 & Only One valuable manufacturing (MONOZUKURI).

Kenshi Miyafuji

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