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Health Management Policy

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We view employee health management from a managerial perspective, and through "health management," we strategically implement initiatives to maintain and improve the health of our employees so that they can continue to work in safety and security. We will evaluate the effects of health on management and aim for sustainable growth of the company.

health declaration
We believe that the health of our employees and their families is of the utmost importance. Only when they are healthy in body and mind can they lead a happy and prosperous life. We also believe that we can contribute to the creation of a prosperous society through healthy and vigorous work. We declare that we will support efforts to improve the health of our employees and their families and prevent illnesses, and will strive to create a workplace where health is our number one priority. Kenshi Miyafuji, President and Representative Director

Health Promotion Initiatives

【Promotion of Mental Health】
Line care training We are working to improve the work environment.
Self Care Training Through lectures and group work, we use a variety of techniques such as mindfulness and listening techniques to improve good communication and self-care skills.
Stress test Ahead of the law, we have been conducting an annual screening of employee stress levels since 2013.
Return to Work Support This support is for those who have taken a long-term leave of absence due to mental or physical illness or injury.
We hold regular consultations with occupational physicians to monitor their progress.
【Promotion of Physical Health】
Specific health advice We actively support our employees' health management with an emphasis on disease prevention, early detection, and early treatment to prevent serious illnesses, including lifestyle-related diseases.Since fiscal 2017, we have been expanding health checkup items for young people and providing health guidance to raise awareness of disease prevention, including lifestyle-related diseases, from an earlier age.
Data Health Initiatives In collaboration with JTEKT Health Insurance Association, we are working on countermeasures for issues identified through analysis of medical and health checkup data, and are working to achieve a target of 100% implementation of specific health. In addition, we are actively intervening in the process from recommending medical examinations to reporting medical examinations to those with health problems to provide ongoing health management and employee support.
Oral Health Care Every year on November 8, we conduct a "Good Tooth Day" campaign. In addition, posters on how to brush your teeth and posters recommending dental checkups are distributed to raise awareness of the importance of preventing tooth decay. (JTEKT Health Insurance Cooperative Health Promotion Project)
Promoting Exercise We have a softball tournament, a bowling tournament, and a Wakaba-kai (walking tour), etc., where employees can exercise and have fun while getting to know each other.
Cancer prevention and early detection (e.g., stomach cancer, colon cancer, hepatitis, various tumor markers, etc.)

. From 2019, we are actively working on early detection of breast cancer, which has a high incidence rate among women from a young age, by expanding the availability of in-house mammography and other examinations.
Preventing Infectious Diseases Throughout the year, we provide education on proper infection prevention through posters and the intranet, including hand washing, gargling and coughing etiquette.

Starting in 2019, we have made it possible to test for measles and rubella antibodies in group health examinations. We also recommend various vaccinations to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. (Influenza, measles and rubella)
Training to quit smoking We strive to raise awareness of smoking cessation by putting up posters and encouraging people to participate in regular group health checkups. In addition, we also provide various health guidance including specific health guidance and consultations with medical professionals to encourage individuals to quit smoking.

[Key Management Indicators]
Specific health guidance implementation rate: 100%
Percentage of employees with a BMI of 25 or higher: 23.5%

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