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New Product Information

  • SiC Wafer Grinder R631BM

    8 inch SiC wafer compatible!!

    Equipped with a jointly developed G.W. “nanoVi” with
    it will realizes low G.W. wear rate.

    Product Specifications
  • Wide Wheel Cylindrical Grinder C6040E

    Space saving for productivity!!

    Simultaneous grinding of all outer face.

    Product Specifications
  • Vertical Multi-Head Grinder G3VU86

    Vertical Multi-Head Grinder in basic class can grind a workpiece length of 600mm.

    And the program is "interactive"as standard.
    Product Specifications
  • Ultra Compact Centerless Grinder C1003

    Small parts in a small machine!

    Auxiliary equipment such as a coolant tank is all-in-one inside the machine.
    Center dressing system allows fully automatic dressing of the grinding wheel, regulating wheel and automatic center height setting. One-touch fine adjustment by NC blade up/down mechanism. Same grinding wheel for outer diameter end-face. Continuous grinding is possible by connecting with "Ultra Compact Surface Grinder R011".

    Find out more about C1003
  • Centerless Grinder C6060

    Wheel peripheral speed of 80m/sec. high-speed, high-precision grinding with CBN and thermal displacement control. Greatly reduced dressing time, significantly reduced wheel replacement time and blade replacement time.

    Find out more about C6060
  • Vertical Spindle Type Grinder VGF300

    Modular of grinding units. "Multi-surface continuous grinding line" by connecting VGF300 of different grinding units. Equipped with a wire transfer robot as standard.

    Find out more about VGF300
  • Double Disc Grinder (Vertical Spindle) KVD350

    High rigidity with a BOX structure bed - Reduction of thermal displacement by thermal rigidity. Flat flow channel and large drainage opening to prevent sludge accumulation. The "Metal bonded grinding wheel" and "High rigidity due to the BOX structure bed" are effective in grinding ultra-hard materials. Wheel replacement - Maintenance can be done through the side door of the machine.

    Find out more about KVD350
  • ID Grinder KIH80

    High precision, high speed grinding and small footprint bearing internal grinder. Depending on the machining specifications, the workhead can be selected from "Two rollers-one shoe type or Two-shoe magnet chuck type".

    Find out more about KIH80
  • Multi-Head Grinder VGM5

    High precision and high speed grinding through process integration! The largest machine in the VG series.
    One chuck for high-precision machining of inner and outer diameters and end faces.

    Find out more about VGM5
  • Hard and Brittle Wafers Grinder R631DF

    Grinding of wafers (SiC, GaN, sapphire, etc.).

    Allows you to store and traceability of grinding data for each wafer.
    High-Precision Mirror Surface Grinder that can be replaced from lapping machines. Find out more about R631DF

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