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Intermediate Shaft
for Vehicles

Important safety parts that transmit the BENDING force and direction of a vehicle. Continues to evolve with the growth of the global automobile industry.

  • Intermediate Shaft with Vibration Absorbing Mechanism

    • By arranging elastic materials (rubber) in the middle, it absorbs vibrations transmitted from the tires and other parts of the body, improving steering comfort.
      Type A:Joint with rubber coupling
      Type B:Joint with built-in damper

  • Resin Spindle Slider Type Intermediate Shaft

    • The nylon coated shaft and sleeve are blended in one-to-one to prevent rattle and improve steering. Newly developed low-friction grease ensures ease of sliding and durability.

  • Intermediate Shaft with Shock Absorption Mechanism

    • Absorbs steering upturn due to vehicle deformation in the event of a frontal collision.
      Type A:Bending of the tube (bellows tube) upon impact
      Type B: Structure in which the mating part contracts at the time of collision by a constant axial input

  • Roll Caulking Type Intermediate Shaft

    • Absorbs upthrust of the steering due to vehicle deformation in the event of a frontal collision.
      The contraction load value can be controlled by the amount of sleeve deformation (roll caulking amount ). The retraction stroke can be set freely.

  • Constant Velocity Joint for Steering

    • A wide range of operating angle from 0 to 62° degrees is achieved with a double cardan joint structure and a constant velocity joint.
      Type A:High-angle constant velocity joint (Angle of Use: 48 to 62°)
      Type B:Medium Angle Constant Velocity Joint (Angle of Use 0 to 48°)

  • Plastic Ball Joint for Tilt

    • A ball-shaped resin is used for the joint to reduce the number of parts.
      Steering column tilting joint that achieves weight reduction and cost reduction.

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